Monday, 3 June 2013

40k Montreal Blog has Arrived

Good evening and welcome,

It has been over a year and a half that 40k Montreal has been around, offering demos and hookups for various Warhammer 40k activities.

Things started slow, but exploded around the time we created our Facebook group; we now number 136 members registered on the year-old group. Most people would be impressed by that alone, however the actual number of people that have connected with the group is larger in reality.

See, not everyone uses facebook. And as we gathered more people, there were more non-facebook using players. After several suggestions from all sides, a blog was deemed the best option to keep the community at large up-to-date. Thus, here we are!

This blog will be continuously updated with various subjects:
  • News, rumours, and reblogs
  • Events, leagues, and meet-ups
  • Pictures, videos, and featured models
  • Battle reports, tactica, rules discussions
  • Player and army profiles, along with fan-fiction

Further, the group is open for anyone to join, and much of the blog's content will be member made. If you have any questions, if you are interested in joining, or want to submit something to the blog, please send an email to We will reply as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading, and remember,
There is only war in Montreal

Lex Azevedo
Administrator of 40k Montreal


  1. Make me proud! I added you on ''Blogs that Turtlkes like''.

    Your archive is to be fixed. :)

    1. Hey guys happy to be here looking forward to the blog !